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Michael Ekwo Foundation

About Us

In the face of the fading role of the state in security-related issues exemplified by inadequate skill and capacity of many governments to safeguard its citizens, Michael Ekwo Foundation for Peace and Security represents a local collective action that lays the foundation for advanced knowledge and understanding of issues broadly related to global and national security including human security, state stability, conflict processes, food security, health security, economic security, information security, and peace science. The Foundation serves as a knowledge center for expanding technical capacity, training and policy research, and analysis of peace and security in support of the broader peace and security agenda in Nigeria and Africa. MEF’s alternative community-based crime-prevention strategies focus on community safety – delivering local solutions to local problems, identified by local people. MEF is another contribution to the array of community-based and community-owned crime prevention and security practices around the world.


The Michael Ekwo Foundation is a nonprofit organization committed to sustainable public peace, conflict and crime prevention. The Foundation drives change through dialogue, leadership, and action to help solve the most important security challenges facing Nigeria and Africa.

MEF brings together thoughtful people with diverse backgrounds and points of view.

MEF promotes community driven citizens involvement in public peace and community safety.

MEF turns ideas into action and impact for individuals and society.