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Michael Ekwo Foundation

Michael & Maria
Scholarship Fund

“Daddy loved education! Once you are interested in studies, you’re dad’s favorite. As a child, if you chose to study, you’re exempted from household chores”

Mrs. Nonye Onodu


Scholarships are among wonderful ways to support promising and deserving students by assisting them with the costs of their education. Michael & Maria Scholarship Fund Program is a meaningful way to honor and memorialize Michael Ekwo and his wife, Maria – both lifelong educationists and teachers. The M&M program will be helping to build the future of the young generation of Nigerians starting from Enugu State. Beyond a shared commitment to educational opportunity, MEF Scholarship Advisory Committee has a wide range of goals and mandates governed by the belief that education is a human rights issue that should be available to everyone.

The MEF Scholarship Advisory Committee could shape a scholarship fund that supports students that reflect the values of MEF, including:

  • To memorialize Michael and Maria Ekwo and celebrate their lifetime of achievements
  • Tto provide financial assistance to high achieving students who lack the financial resources necessary to go to college
  • To encourage pursuit in a particular field of study
  • To recognize certain characteristics, such as leadership and volunteerism efforts, of young people within a community

The MEF Scholarship Advisory Committee provides the administrative support necessary to make the awarding of scholarships as easy as possible including:

  • Announcement to a school or community about availability of scholarships
  • Application preparation and review
  • Support for selection of students
  • Notification of student’s scholarship to the educational institution
  • Ongoing work with students to make sure they meet criteria for continued scholarship support
  • Recognition of the fund in the Foundation’s annual report and website (unless anonymous)
  • Technical assistance and service with respect to advisory committee selection, guideline consideration and administrative procedures

Award Criteria:

The MEF Scholarship Advisory Committee is adept at designing scholarship criteria that meet the Foundation’s goals. Current scholarships benefit students or an adult seeking educational or career advancement through an accredited diploma or certification program notably WAEC. GCE, and security-related education. The first phase of scholarship support will be for 20 candidates who are unable to pay the registration fee of the West Africa Examinations Council for the next cycle of examination.

Consideration is given to the student’s academic and civic performance, community service record, and essay quality. M&M Scholarships help fund students based on specific areas of interest, school, geographical origin, leadership potential, merit, financial need, academic achievement and/or other criteria of the Foundation’s choosing.

The Foundation also accepts contributions to its general scholarship fund.