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Michael Ekwo Foundation


The Michael Ekwo Foundation serves as a knowledge center for expanding technical capacity, training, policy research, and analysis on community safety. The Foundation envisions the emergence of communities, cities, and cultures that value nonviolence, cooperation, hope, mutual coexistence, and protection of lives and property  in a rapidly changing world. 

The Foundation’s focal points include the following:

  • To invest in expanding the technical capacities of rural men and women to participate in peace and security dialogue, given their marginal representation in these processes to date.
  • To support law enforcement agencies or institutions to participate in community safety protocol and facilitate necessary reforms of security sector institutions.
  • To provide a platform for the youth to meaningfully shape and inform the research and policy agenda on issues of youth, peace, and security.
  • To facilitate a periodic forum such as workshops, seminars, symposia, community dialogue, and education on best practices on security and peacemaking experiences.
  • To develop security consciousness among citizens such as pro-active security practices.
  • Introduce Community Safety Partnership as a deliberate step to add the voices of women, the poor, and the disadvantaged in developing the plans and actions related to community safety issues.