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Michael Ekwo Foundation

MEF Secretariat

The secretariat of the Foundation coordinates the implementation of program activities, working under the guidance of a program board, established to support its work. The Board of Trustees made up of eminent, distinguished, and credible men and women of diverse backgrounds provides financial oversight of the foundation.

Michael Ekwo Foundation for Peace and Security operates from the headquarters location in Enugu State. However, the temporary office location is at Ogbuagu Estate – the home of Michael Ekwo, heir of the legendary Ogbuagu Ekwo, who died from complications that followed an epic fight with a giant lion that he ultimately killed in a forest near Ebe. Renowned for his hunting escapades, Ekwo earned a reputation for killing several lions and other animals, hence his nickname Ogbuagu (killer of lions) and also a metaphor for valor.


A partnership strategy that guides the foundation’s activities underline cooperation with key local, state, national and international institutions around the world. Partnership arrangements extend to existing community-based nonprofit organizations and networks working to support peace and security processes in Nigeria and Africa. The Foundation seeks to sign Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) to guide cooperation with partner institutions.