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Michael Ekwo Foundation

Advisory Council

Astrid Høgmo

Born in Norway, Astrid’s lifelong commitment to education, social movement, systems thinking, and adult literacy is palpable. With personality and life shaped by parents who were teachers, Astrid has familiarity with pedagogical conversations. She is a co-developer of two large educational concepts in Norway and responsible for the learning approach in the company called Kunnskapstrening IT (Knowledge-Training IT). It is a deep, system thinking concept, working for integrated learning between work-life, higher education, and the NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) group. Astrid holds a masters degree in education (M.Ed. ) in International and Comparative Education from Stockholm University, and in Integrative Learning at TIES, Endicott College. She’s currently a Ph. D. candidate at Penn State University, United States.

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“Education and society are closely interconnected, and the world is more one than ever,” says Astrid while emphasizing the “need to think globally in all our work.”With the mindset of “local roots, local solutions, global scope,” Michael Ekwo Foundation welcomes Astrid to the Advisory Council.