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Security, Society, and the State: The Shrinking Role of Government in National and Personal Security

As recent security challenges demonstrate, fragile states and conflict-regions of the world are increasingly becoming safe havens for terrorists and transnational organized crimes. In Africa, terrorism is shrinking the continent’s investment space and, in some cases, certain African countries are losing ground in their abilities to protect their citizens. In the West, particularly in North America, the U.S. Black population feel over-policed and under-protected. In the Middle East, Europe, and South East Asia, growing insecurity concerns have continued to threaten state stability.

Current security issues are thus multi-faceted and dynamic, with government intervention essential to ensure the human security and protection of local communities. In the face of the fading role of the state in security-related issues, the Michael Ekwo Foundation for Peace and Security is hosting its first security conference to discuss the growing insecurity in Africa’s most populous country, Nigeria.

Led by scholars, policy makers, law enforcement, and security experts, the conference will examine several themes including the decentralization of policing in Nigeria, community policing, food insecurity issues caused by climate change, and information security, generally defined.

Date: May 31, 2021
Venue: Virtual
Time: 12 Noon EST (5pm Nigeria Time)


May 31 2021


12:00 pm

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