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Michael Ekwo Foundation

Advisory Council

Osmund Ekwueme, MD, Ph.D.

Chief (Dr.) Osmund Ekwueme is a consumate medical professional, philanthropist, linguist and author of “The making of a Foreign Surgeon”.
Born in Nigeria and educated in Lublin College of Medicine, Poland and the United States is passionate about his native country- Nigeria.

He practised medicine and surgery in Poland, England, Nigeria and currently practicing in Wisconsin, USA after initiating groundbreaking medical research at the defunct Minnesota Anti-lymphocyte Globulin (MALG) Transplant Program, University of Minnesota, MN.

Osmund Ekwueme

A practicing catholic and a Knight of Columbus, WI. USA. Sir Osmund Ekwueme lives in Wisconsin with his wife (also a Physician) and their three kids.
Osmund brings to Michael Ekwo Foundation his passion for the transformation of Africa and in particular Nigeria. His interest in
international politics with strong analytical skills is highly valuable.