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Campaign for Public School Safety Initiative begins in Nigeria

The Michael Ekwo Foundation says it is launching a campaign to draw public attention to the need for a public safety framework in Nigeria beginning with South East of the country.

The Foundation’s Public School Safety Initiative is a response to the spate of kidnappings and killings involving students and their teachers in public schools in Nigeria amid the absence of any form of security arrangements in both public and private schools.

Michael Ekwo Foundation (MEF) – a nonprofit organization focused on community safety and public peace is determined to stem the tide of violent crimes targeting schools and educational facilities in the country. In furtherance of this objective, Michael Ekwo Foundation for Peace and Security plans to host a series of public forums in Enugu to explore potential solutions and mitigation strategies to halt the growing insecurity in schools.

Through discussion, debates, and analysis of security experts, policy makers, and thought leaders, the proposed fora will lay the foundation to campaign for legislation for the establishment of a public safety framework in all schools in Enugu State and Nigeria.

The Community Outreach Coordinator of MEF, Mr. Praise Ekwo announced that the organization would invest an initial fifty million Naira towards the school safety initiative and expressed the hope that corporate sponsors and individuals would support MEF thereby “contributing towards safe learning environment, protecting students, teachers, and parents from the emotional trauma often associated with kidnapping incidents in schools.”

The Foundation will recognize publicly all donations or support including naming rights to some of the Foundation’s programs and buildings as incentives and perks for supporting worthy causes.

Regardless of the amount you choose to give, says the Outreach Coordinator, donors’ names will be included in MEF’s event programs and in the press release that we will publish on the website. The Foundation accepts check and cash donations as well as in-kind donations of goods or services. Please feel free to make a contribution that you’re comfortable with to support safe and secure cities, communities, and cultures.

Mr. Praise Ekwo, MEF

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